Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I have used prescription sunglasses but lost one pair and now have a new prescription. I decided to try the type that fit over your regular prescription glasses. These totally covered my glasses so that a friend said she couldn’t tell I had two pairs of glasses on. Plus they are a very attractive style with good lenses in them. Not only are they a cheaper solution to constantly buying prescription sunglasses but I found out there’s another big advantage: I don’t have to constantly switch from regular prescription to sunglasses when I drive in and out of the sun’s glare on the way to the lake. Good inexpensive solution for those of us who don’t want or can’t wear contact lenses.Fake mont blanc eyewearFake mont blanc eyewearFake mont blanc eyewear
Very cute sunglasses- looks just as pictured. Quality seems good for the price.
Fake mont blanc eyewearFake mont blanc eyewearFake mont blanc eyewearThis was a Christmas gift for the Hubby – who, by the way, is a man of many, many words. When he opened this gift, the only thing he could express very softly (as if in wonder) was Wow, oh Wow.In case that doesn’t say it all, he absolutely is in love with this glasses. He had a pair many years ago, but lost them and has been talking about wanting another pair, but was hesitant because of the price. Knowing that you get what you pay for, I bought them for him. The fit is very comfortable and the color is complimentary to him. The packaging is another plus.Thank you for such a wonderful product.